Dr. Robin Oval

Robin Oval is a structural engineer from l’École des Ponts in Paris.

After the two-year scientific curriculum of the ‘classes préparatoires’, he entered l’École des Ponts in 2012, following the double curriculum in ‘structure and architecture’ with the architecture school of Marne. For a year, he gained practice experience in the the structural engineering office Bollinger + Grohmann in Frankfurt. His master’s thesis with the Block Research Group tackles the design of force patterns for funicular form finding and was applied for the ‘Beyond Bending’ exhibition at the 2016 Architecture Biennale in Venice.

Robin is currently pursuing his joint PhD with the Laboratoire Navier at l’École des Ponts in Paris and the Block Research Group at ETH Zürich on topology finding of force and structural patterns for shell and gridshell structures.

On Nov 1, 2019, Robin will start as post-doctoral researcher in the ACORN - Automating Concrete Construction project, working with Dr. John Orr of University of Cambridge and Dr. Paul Shepherd of University of Bath.



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