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Dr. Tom Van Mele person
Comparing form finding methods research
Computational modelling of fabric formwork research
Compression Support Structures for Slabs research
Thrust Network Analysis: A new methodology for three-dimensional equilibrium publication
Thrust Network Analysis: Exploring Three-dimensional Equilibrium publication
Form Finding to Fabrication: A digital design process for masonry vaults publication
Validating Thrust Network Analysis using 3D-printed, structural models publication
A Novel Form Finding Method for Fabric Formwork for Concrete Shells publication
Design and construction of the Mapungubwe National Park Interpretive Centre, South Africa publication
Efficient and Expressive Thin-tile Vaulting using Cardboard Formwork publication
A Framework for Comparing Form Finding Methods publication
Novel Form Finding Method for Fabric Formwork for Concrete Shells publication
Geometry-based Understanding of Structures publication
An overview and comparison of structural form finding methods for general networks publication
Compression Support Structures for Slabs publication
Bending incorporated: designing tension structures by integrating bending-active elements publication
Optimising Stone-Cutting Strategies for Freeform Masonry Vaults publication
Design process for a prototype concrete shells using a hybrid cable-net and fabric formwork publication
Funicular funnel shell workshop at ILEK, Stuttgart, Germany, 2014 teaching
Well-conditioned AI-assisted sub-matrix selection for numerically stable constrained form-finding of reticulated shells using geometric deep Q- learning publication


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