Dr. Andrew Liew

Andrew completed his Masters Degree in Civil Engineering at Imperial College in London, with specialisms in reinforced concrete and structural steel design, structural dynamics, finite element analysis, computational engineering analysis and non-linear structural mechanics. He pursued further research in the department to complete his PhD titled "Design of structural steel elements with the Continuous Strength Method" under the supervision of Prof Leroy Gardner. This research extended a deformation (strain) based structural analysis approach via analytical and numerical methods, to calculate the strength and deformations of various structural steel cross-section shapes and to determine the inelastic response of imperfect pin-ended columns. Resulting design resistance equations have been implemented in the AISC design guide for stainless steel and the UK NCCI for Eurocode 3: Part 1.4. He fulfilled the role as teaching assistant for undergraduate and postgraduate students on mathematics, MATLAB, mechanics, structural mechanics, construction, engineering design and technical drawing. He was the winner of the Civil Engineering Centenary Prize and the Pippard Memorial Medal and Prize.

Andrew was a structural engineer in the Buildings Engineering Group at Arup's head office in Fitzrovia, London. Main projects included the redevelopment of King’s Cross railway station in London and the structural design of York University metro station in Toronto, Canada. These projects involved the scheme and advanced design of structural elements and foundations using reinforced concrete, structural steel and masonry, while collaborating closely with architects, clients, contractors and engineers (geotechnical, mechanical, electrical and public health).

Since moving to Switzerland, he has been involved with grant proposals to the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) under the supervision of Prof Mario Fontana at the Institute of Structural Engineering (IBK,DBAUG) at ETHZ. Here, research topics included the shear buckling of steel plate girders at elevated temperatures, the design of solid circular steel cores embedded in concrete filled circular hollow sections and the dynamic response of composite floor systems. Andrew now works as a post-doctorate researcher for the Block Research Group (BRG) at the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA,DARCH), where he is involved with the supervision and technical guidance of PhD students, the development of the research group's finite element analysis package, assistance with the BRG framework, as well as structural engineering/mechanics input and calculations. He also organises and performs the experimental testing of prototypes and materials for a variety of research projects. His research interests include the Dynamic Relaxation method for architectural and structural applications, structural mechanics, numerical methods using Python/NumPy/SciPy/Numba, and optimisation methods.

Andrew started in June 2019 as Lecturer in Civil and Structural Engineering of The University of Sheffield, UK.



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