Real-time limit analysis of vaulted masonry buildings

Block P., Ciblac T. and Ochsendorf J.A.
Computers and Structures
doi: 10.1016/j.compstruc.2006.08.002

This paper presents new structural analysis tools based on limit state analysis for vaulted masonry buildings. Thrust lines are used to visualize the forces within the masonry and to predict possible collapse modes. The models are interactive and parametric to explore relationships between building geometry and possible equilibrium conditions in real time. Collapse analysis due to applied displacements is determined by combining kinematics and statics. The approach is largely two dimensional, though more complex three-dimensional problems are analyzed using the same methods. This paper presents a series of analytical tools that are fast and easy to use in real time, but at the same time rigorous and highly accurate. This work represents a significant improvement over traditional methods of thrust line analysis performed by hand, which are often tedious and time-consuming.


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