Design of a load-bearing mycelium structure through informed structural engineering

Heisel F., Schlesier K., Lee J., Rippmann M., Saeidi N., Javadian A., Hebel D.E. and Block P.
Proceeding of the World Congress on Sustainable Technologies (WCST)

MycoTree is a spatial branching structure made out of load-bearing mycelium components. Its geometry was designed using 3D graphic statics, utilizing compression-only form to enable the weak material to perform structurally. Built from only mycelium and bamboo, the structure represents a provocative vision of how one may move beyond the mining of our construction materials from the earth’s crust to their cultivation and urban growth; how achieving stability through geometry rather than through material strength opens up possibilities to use weaker materials structurally and safely; and ultimately, how regenerative resources in combination with informed structural design have the potential to propose an alternative to established building materials for a more sustainable construction industry.


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