Ursula Frick

Ursula Frick is an architect with strong interest in computational design and digital fabrication. She graduated with a degree in Architecture from the University of Innsbruck, advised by Patrik Schumacher.

In 2007, together with her research partner, Thomas Grabner, she founded the collective [uto]. Along with the generation and analysis of complex geometries, their research focused on the development of formal strategies and data-driven design approaches. They have developed and published several software plugins that enhance workflow and integrate routines for the exchange of data/geometry in parametric software.

From 2011 to 2013, she was employed as a Teaching and Research Associate at the University of Innsbruck. Both with the University of Innsbruck and with [uto], she has taught, held workshops and lectured in many different environments including the AA | Architectural Association, PennDesign | University of Pennsylvania, SCI-arc | Southern California Institute of Architecture, TKU | Tamkang University Taipei, and AAG10.

In addition to her academic and research work, Ursula has been involved in several architectural competitions and projects with organizations in the EU and abroad, during which she contributed to the fields of generative and parametric design as well as in digital fabrication and manufacturing in architecture.

More recently, her research has focused on the development of generative structures, implementing and evaluating the physical matter of a design. In 2014, her strong interest in this field and in the development of geometric and computational methods to erect spatial figurations and applications for architecture led her to join the Block Research Group as PhD researcher in the NCCR Digital Fabrication.

Ursula left the BRG in Summer 2017 to work for Blumer Lehmann.



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