Emma Radaelli

Emma Radaelli is an architect and graduated in 2008 from ETH Zurich. During her studies she worked at the chair of Architecture and Building Systems led by Prof. Dr. Hansjürg Leibundgut, where she was involved in the teaching process and research projects.

From 2008 to 2013, she worked as a project architect and team leader for several known architecture offices in Zurich including agps architecure and SAM Architekten und Partner, as well as an independent architect. The last project she led received the award “best architects 2016”.

In 2014, she founded design-er, a Zurich-based architecture practice, working on projects ranging from single family houses to industrial buildings. The focus of her work is the combination of efficient structures with a design that fits in the local urban tissue. The practice works in close connection with a local civil engineering office, a cooperation which takes advantage of the experience on both sides.

Her strong interest in statics and the use of graphics/mathematics software for the visualization of forces and their impact on structures, led her to join the Block Research Group in October 2015 as a scientific assistant with focus on teaching process support.

Besides work, Emma enjoys spending her spare time outdoors and practicing sports such as hiking, skiing, swimming and surfing.



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