Coralie Taccoz

Coralie is a civil engineering student at the ETH Zurich.

She wrote her Bachelor’s thesis – the Redesign of the San Jose Light Tower – in the Institute of Structural Engineering (IBK) and got the opportunity to go to San Jose, California, to present her tower design. After that, she did an internship in a civil engineering office in the Zurich region. During her Master studies, she specialized in structural engineering and geotechnics and participated in several design projects. One of them was the replacement of the Europabrücke in Altstetten, where a sustainable structural design and a good traffic management were required.

Both her Bachelor’s thesis and her semester projects being design works, she decided to change fields and applied for a thesis which includes a laboratory as well as a research part. The main concern of her thesis is the design and mechanical modelling of a floor system using a sustainable material.

Coralie joined the Block Research Group in February 2020 and is currently writing her Master’s thesis.



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